Tongue twister alert! Tired of Twitter? Try these ten top tips to titivate your tweets.

As an early adopter of Twitter, I remember the days where there were so few people tweeting we used to say goodnight to each other…

Okay maybe that’s stretching the truth a bit but it’s certainly a much more cluttered platform than it used to be back in 2006, and sometimes it’s hard to see how useful it can be for your business. Twitter has certainly gained popularity as a business-to-business tool more than business to consumer, but maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at the little blue bird. Read our top ten tips and if you make it to the end you’ll find out that the wee bird that’s Twitter’s trademark actually has a name…

1. Use free tools like canva to create the perfect cover pic. You can use either the desktop or the app version of Canva, and you’ll get just the right template for the job so you there’s no need to worry about pixels and sizes.

2. Make sure your username is clearly identifiable as your business. Sounds obvious, right? If possible use your logo as your profile picture. Under no circumstances should you leave the dreaded placeholder ‘egg’ as your profile picture.

3. Make it easy for your customers to get the information they need to engage with you. Display your business hours in your Twitter bio – or in your cover pic.

4. Pin important tweets to the top of your Twitter page but remember to change them regularly. There’s nothing more inclined to put your followers off than out of date pinned posts so make a diary note to change it when it’s past its sell by date.

5. Respond to all mentions and DMs promptly and with personality! Some people may not want to interact with you in the public timeline so remember to check those Direct Messages and Mentions. Be courteous and personable. People like to deal with people!

6. Search Twitter for mentions of your business or products and interact with them. This is a great way to find out what customers think of your business, product or brand. You will glean a heap of useful information by using that Twitter search bar. You will find new people and businesses to follow who may follow you back. This is a great way to build up a solid organic following. (Ssshhhh…we never said this, but you can use this to suss out your competitors too. Everyone’s doing it, so why don’t you?)

7. Use video/images to grab attention. You could also experiment with the odd animated gif! Try not to post links to images in your tweets – post direct on Twitter so the image is visible.

8. The character limit is now 280 but doesn’t mean you need to use it. Less is quite often more. Remember what Twitter is – it’s a micro-blogging platform, not your memoirs.

9. Tweets with hashtags get TWICE as much engagement. Confused by hashtags? Put simply, hashtags are just way of indexing and categorising keywords or topics so they can be found later. This is an excellent marketing tool. Here’s what Twitter has to say about hashtags.

10. Use Twitter’s built-in analytics to check how your tweets are performing. You’ll be able to see useful insights into how many times your profile was visited, how many new followers you’ve gained and what tweets attracted most engagement over a set period of time.

11. Don’t be tempted to post tweets to Facebook. Your followers will tire of seeing the same content on both channels and you should be offering them valuable, engaging and fresh content to keep them sweet.

(Okay I know it was meant to be ten top tips but eleven doesn’t fit with the alliteration…)

Happy Tweeting and follow our shiny new twitter account @dugalmedia for up to the minute news about how to get ahead online

And Twitter’s blue bird is called Larry, fyi!