We all know that Instagram Stories is getting more and more attention and is a great tool for business accounts, right? Well, as of last week, you can now share posts from an Instagram Feed to your Instagram Stories. You can share your own posts (cross posting from your feed to your Stories) or share posts from other Instagram users to your Stories. This latest functionality is available to both iOS and Android users.

Why’s this good news?

This is great news because it’s a great way to boost your engagement on Instagram. It means that you get more views for your feed from your Stories, which tells Instagram’s algorithm that you’re posting great content – which in turn means you’ll get more visibility.

How’s it done?

Just click on the ‘paper plane’ icon underneath the post you want to share and choose ‘Add Post to Your Story’. It then opens up in your Stories as a ‘sticker’.

What next?

You can jazz it up using the snazzy features from Stories including stickers, hashtags, text and gifs. You can even rotate it so it’s at a jaunty angle. The original poster will be visible on the post too, so everyone wins.

How will this increase traffic to my Instagram Feed?

All the viewer needs to do is click on the post in the story and they’ll be directed to the post in your feed.

I’m not convinced I need this in my life.

Remember that you can only share a post if an account is public AND they allow resharing. Not keen? If you’d prefer not to have your posts shared to users Stories, you can switch off the function by going to your settings and switching off the ‘Allow resharing to Stories’ button.

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